Exfoliating helps removes dead skin cells, speeds up cell renewal enabling new healthy skin cells to grow and prevent wrinkles. It also makes it much easier for your skin to absorb all of the nutrients in your skincare routine. Did you know that shaving exfoliates your legs? I personally quite enjoy a DIY body scrub using some honey, brown sugar and coconut oil.  

Most of us are pretty good at keeping our faces moisturised in the day and night but for some reason the rest of our body doesn’t get enough love! Your body loses moisture at night (especially in air conditioned room), applying moisturiser will help to lock in moisture and rejuvenate skin while you snooze. Just like your face you want your body to look visibly hydrated with a radiant glow.

Don’t forget your SPF
Other than protecting you from cancer and painful sunburns, wearing sunscreen everyday can make you look younger longer. Our skin tries to protect itself by making splotchy pigment so wearing sunblock daily helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations.

Go to bed early
Not getting enough sleep lowers circulation, which is why you look pale and washed out if you only get a few hours. Your body uses the time you're asleep to repair itself and your skin makes new collagen during that time. So you might wanna consider skipping a couple of nights out and catching up on that beauty sleep!  

Routines are hard to follow sometimes, getting a good moisturise with SPF helps so much.

NIVEA whitening serums are perfect for this job.

Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF 33 repairs signs of dull, damage skin, restores skin elasticity, protect skin from UV rays and prevent re-darkening.

Instant White Firming Body Serum SPF33 is perfect for days when you need a last minute quick fix with its mircolight reflectors that gives you instant radiance.

Night White Firming Body Serum(my personal favorite) helps locks in all the moisture. Your skin cells regenerates twice as much at night. So applying body serums with Vit C & E at night will help aid in skin rejuvenation, making it visibly hydrated and evenly-toned.  

It’s so important for me that my body lotion is light weight and doesn’t make me look like a grease ball and NIVEA whitening serums gives me a radiant glow without all that fuss!


Love the skin you’re in, a good skincare routine goes along way. I hope you find these information useful xx

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