When it comes to traveling aboard, be it a day trip or a month's trip there's just a bunch of stuffs that every girl absolutely cannot live without and here's a list of mine!

1. A backpack. They are so much more functional than a handbag and because I like to have my Macbook on me at all times so I can get some work done on the flight, my hands are usually too full to carry a handbag.

2. Makeup to touch up. It's always good to carry along some make up with you in case you have a meeting right after the flight or if you just want to look more refreshed! My eyeko brow gel keeps my brows looking on fleek, Benefit mascara helps me look more awake, Chanel lipstick gives me color on my face(sometime I use it as a lipstick and a blusher) and Laura Mercier foundation keeps my skin tone even.

3. Passport Holder. I'm always paranoid that I might spill a drink while filling up Immigration forms. A passport holder keeps my passport and documents clean and safe. I got mine custom made from Vintagestash.

4. Reading Material. Catching up on inflight movies and Tv series are great but sometimes it gets boring and a book or a magazine might come in handy. I recently shot a the Kapital Summer campaign and they were so nice to send me some copies of it.

5. Favorite pair of shoes. I usually like to keep my outfit comfy and causal which means sweat pants and trainers on the flight but a pair of cute shoes on my carry on so I can put them on if I feel too sloppy upon landing.

6. Cash. Not every airport has a Starbucks and some cafes don't take cards!

7. Battery Pack. I would hate to have my phone die on me, can't live without spotify..

So that's all for my travel essentials, don't forget to leave a comment down below and let me know what are your travel essentials, safe travels!

bel xx