Earlier this week Nun and I spent a couple of days exploring the hidden gem of Chiangmai up in the mountains in Panviman Chiangmai. You probably already knew that if you've been following my adventures on snapchat @prettyfrowns which I've been posting photos and videos of me driving a car for the first time, shooting rifles and pistols and basically making a fool out of myself!

She told me that the people in Chiangmai were known to be polite and friendly which I couldn't agree on more by the end of the trip.

We checked into our Mountain Deluxe room which had a huge balcony where we had our breakfast with an amazing view and girly talks.

We pretty much spent the day chilling by the pool and jacuzzi after exhausting ourselves from exploring the resort which was so huge it almost felt like a hike. And of course we had to treat ourselves to some cocktails and delicious thai food for dinner over sunset after all that walking.


The photos probably already spoke for themselves but I just needed to add that it was one of the most relaxing and crazy experience that I've had for awhile now and I'm looking forward to share all my travel adventures with you guys! I'm currently back in Bangkok, the land of smiles and Bali awaits in 2 weeks.

Location: Panviman Chiangmai spa resort

bel xx