These photos are way overdue but such a waste not to share. If you haven't already watch my Mt Fuji Vlog here's a short visual diary of some of it's beauty. Kawaguchiko has got to be one of the most beautiful places I've visited other than Hokkaido. The weather was at a perfect 3 degrees(if i remember correctly), warm enough to wear my summer dress and just throw on a cute coat. Being away from city live does have it's appeal.

A little travel tip when you visit Japan.

1. Never join a tour group. Why spend your holiday with a bunch of strangers rushing to places when you can enjoy being alone in the city/nature. Just do your homework, google for places to visit and save the directions on your phone. Getting lost is part of the adventure, you'll bump into the nicest people you'll ever meet.

2. Rent a portable WIFI device. These are usually available at the airport, you can connect up to 4 devices most of the time. I mean who even needs to buy a sim card anymore? Wifi is all you need not to mention that the connection's awesome there.

3. Take a break from fancy restaurants. The best eateries are often the ones you chance upon in a small alley. Also when you're visiting country sides, the hotels would usually provide you with a map with the best eateries around the area!

4. Drive or take the bus/train. I made the mistake of taking a 15 mins cab ride that cost $100. Because there were 5 of us we had to split into two cabs which added up to $200. Cab fares in country sides are much more expensive! Don't be an idiot like I did >_<

5. Download a Japanese app on your phone. Although I've been to Japan about 5 times now, my Japanese is barely conversational. Having an app really helps. Most Japanese are able to speak a little bit of English but sometimes there's just that one word that they can't understand and these app can save you!

P.S/ I took the Narita Express from Narita International airport to MT Fuji and it took me about 2 hours.

Outfit 1:
H&M Pleather Jacket
Uniqlo Hoodie
WonderStellar Crop top
TopShop Disco pants
Zalora Plaid shirt

Outfit 2:
Wonderstellar bag
Younghungryfree boots
Scarletroom dress

Hope you find these useful! Bel xx