Finally retired my Mister Potato head phone case with this sunny side up one from Snupped a brand that makes sustainable personalised carry accessories! Every product that leaves their workshop was made only just for you. Every case you choose can be personalised to your liking. The size, design, interior, pockets, handles and more. I went with a design Snupped offered because it was simply too cute to say no to! The contrasting background definitely helps make it pop, also since most of my outfits are usually in black or white I thought that the colors would brighten them up a lil. So far I'm loving how it looks in all my photos! Be it a selfie, outfit details or from where i stand photo it all looks super cute ^^

Most of the things we own today were probably mass manufactured somewhere in China. We donโ€™t know how it was produced and how it was made. It's sad that we have reached this stage in society where we no longer respect the makers of the things we use daily. Wouldnโ€™t it be great to have something personalized and made only just for us?

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