Recently I received the August issue of Bellabox and I was surprised by the amount goodies in there! It came with shampoo, conditional, tea, skin care and the list goes on. Because I hardly ever talk about cosmetics and skin care I've decided to take this opportunity to write about some of the new products I've been trying out.

1. Tarte amazonian clay 12 hour full coverage foundation. I've watched lots of review videos online and they've all been on the positive side as it has full coverage, matte finish and long lasting. I'd say I'm not disappointed with it. If you're wondering I'm using the shade tan honey but probably shoulder have gone one shade lighter.

2. Tarte airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush. The brush looks good, feels soft but I don't think that it would have made a huge difference if I used a different brush.

3. NYX natural eyeshadow palette. Kind of regret getting the natural palette rather than the smokey eye one just because the color isn't exactly intense but I mean it's for a natural finish so why am i complaining.

4. Moroccan Oil. Given to me by my hairstylish at Pro Trim hair salon at 313. Love the smell and it gives my hair a natural shine would definitely stock up on this!

5. YSL touche eclat. I went to the YSL counter looking for a concealer and was told that this was specifically for under eyes which was what I needed because I have horrible dark eye circles. So I got it only to find out that this was a highlighter inside and it doesn't provide the coverage I need so ya you can say I'm pretty pissed..

6. YSL sunblock. Feels like on skin but I don't really have another sunblock to compare to because this is actually my first sunblock!

7. Two Faced bronzer. Smells like chocolate and if you love darker bronzer like me you'll love it. I was using benefit's hoola previous and I'd prefer this to that for sure.

8. Kajal Eyeliner. I love how it doesn't like like your conventional eyeliner, instead it looks like a lipstick! But the color is not as intense as I like it to be and you can't get the sharp cat eye with this product.

Hope this helps any of you, if there's any product you'd like me to try feel free to leave a comment down below or on my askfm :)

bel xx