So last week I finally gathered my courage and tried out something that I've been wanting to for quite a long period of time but never felt comfortable enough to. Brazilian waxing. I've heard lots of story from different people about their bad experiences and of course lying half naked in front of a complete stranger has always been a concern. But then again having to groom yourself is honestly a chore and it doesn't last as long compared to getting it done by a professional. After hearing positive feed backs on a particular therapist from a few friends and also did some research on that place I decided to give it a try and I just wanted to share my experience!

1. There was a shower! I've heard from many friends that the places they visit usually provide them with wipes etc instead of a shower which is honestly... Gross?

2. Cozy store. It's located on the second floor of circular road, just a small and humble shop didn't feel commercialized which means the prices aren't marked up like crazy. You pay for what you get no bullshit.($50)

3. Didn't feel obligated to sign a package. One thing I absolutely dislike is when people push for package, the therapist(Melissa) was aware that it was my first time there and didn't see me as a fat wallet instead she was extremely patience and humorous. I guess there was no need for her to push her packages, her skills and services speaks for her.

Frankly it wasn't a painless process, but it was definitely bearable. I didn't feel sore or any discomfort after. But one tip would be to wear a dress or loose clothing just in case your skin is a lil more sensitive.


65 Circular Rd #02-01 Singapore 049419

6327 5967 / 97470858

Bel xx