Last month I went down to Pro Trim salon at Somerset 313 to get a hair fixed. The ends were extremely dry, my roots were growing out and I was pretty much sick of the color of my hair and ready to try something different this time!

After having my hair bleach about 3-4 times in the past, this was the mess I had to deal with everyday.

I left the salon with an ombre of purple and grey hair which i was so obessed with! Though my hair's still a lil dry due to having it bleach it another 2 times but he treatment helped significantly!

After about a week it faded to a lighter shade which I loved even more!

Eventually the purple completely faded off and I was more than happy to have grey hair for a short period of time. To be honest I've always wanted to have sliver hair but it's too much of a commitment and I'd probably look weird so baby steps haha.

This is the shade that my hair pretty much looks like right now! Only probably i had was that it was still a lil dry..

But right now all that's fixed after another treatment by my hair stylist Evan! The difference the first photo to last is huge and although the treatment would only last a couple of weeks I'm happy to have smooth hair for now and that's why I do it monthly and it's does get better with every visit!

#B1-35/36, 313 Orchard Road,
T: 6238 7027

 Hair stylist: Evan


Bel xx