I've decided to start a new series of post titled 'Weekly Obsessions' to share some of the things I'm obsessed with for the week! Starting with my Instagram pets obsessions hehe.


1. Barkbox- The Instagram account of a company that allows consumers to subscribe to a  monthly box of treats and toys. They feature all sorts of breeds from pugs to greyhounds! Their hilarious captions are the main reason I keep coming back for more. 

"Why won't you play fetch with me? It's like you don't carrot all!"


“Maaaaam. Please tell HIM that I need my pawsonal space.”


"Is this skim? Um, sorry, you'll need to make it again with soy." - @toastmeetsworld #PickyPup #SomeToastWithYourCoffee


2. Tunameltsmyheart- Possibly the cutest chiweenie on instagram or the world. He's overbite and wrinkly skin are hard not to love.


3. Prissy_Pig- I might just quit bacon for these two piglets from Ponte Vedra Beach! I can just die from watching videos of them swimming and eating. HOW ARE THEY REAL?!


Hope these photos made your boring morning a happy one like it made mine!

bel xx