Dress from lastbusride, H&M jacket, Zara heels, Tiffany and co bracelet, Rayban Wayfarer.

So first of all I'd like to say that I broke my first ever week record of drinking every night for a week straight, which is extremely unhealthy but it's just one of those lifestyle you got to try at least once! I wasn't expecting to put on so much weight just in a week but my belly is just so bloated and my face is breaking out like crazy probably from sleep less than 5 hours a day and from my attempt to cure my hangovers with more alcohol. I also found myself wearing mostly black or white on most days now and the only colors on me are probably my red lips and the hardware on my bag which i'm totally fine with considering that my tan is not going away I just look so damn weird in bright colors. But I ain't complaining, getting ready is so much easier now!

Anyway thank you lastbusride for this dress that I'm wearing in the photos above, I love how it's not too short at the back but comes with a playful slit in the front! It might look a lil different from what I usually wear but throw on a leather jacket and I'm good to go!

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