Cheap Monday jeans, Wonderstellar Faux Leather Jacket, Zara heels.

Dying on my bed right now suffering from the monthly girly problems, honestly I can't even tell when I'm PMSing or just plain grumpy everything just hurts so bad and nothing can make me feel better except Maru that's eyeing on the giant bowl of mango sitting on my lap right now that's from Phuket. God, it's so damn delicious. Guess this is as close to Phuket I'll get to for now. All the party and working is starting to get to me and I've been binge eating like crazy which isn't helping considering that I'm so desperately wanting to head to the beach this weekend and get into my beach bum mode. Oh I've also starting watching White Collar during my free time, mostly when I'm having my meals. I'm one of those people that MUST have something to watch when I'm eating, whether if it's YouTube videos or a series. One and a half more days to the weekend guys, hang in there!

bel x