Hi there! I don't think I've been posting much about my daily life lately which is pretty mundane but this space is about be spammed with outfit posts real soon so I just thought that I'd be nice to do a catching up post on what I'd been up to for the past week or two.

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I took a afternoon flight back from Bali on Friday night to catch the Andrew Rayel event which I'm glad I did. Though I was only gone for a week I already miss my girls like crazy, can't imagine how upset I'd be if I missed the party with them! And thanks Josh for the bunny ears lol

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Drowning myself in extremely unhealthy carbs the following day.

I recently received this bathrobe as a gift from the lovely people at sulli, it even has my name print on the back. Awesome or whut!

Denim all day err day.

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Getting ma daily doze of caffeine.

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It's hard not to over order when the food is so cheap!

Booze and game of thrones, gotta be careful of that beer belly haha

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Waiting for hair and makeup at for FACo (Fukuoka Asia Collection) show at blueprint.

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Looks for the show for J-Runway, Marrlett A and Stone Market!

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With ze big sister Christabel x

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Zoning out backstage while waiting for the show to start. But I really was so excited to open the show just extremely exhausted >_<

Queuing up for touch up, a girl can never have too much gloss yknow

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Nothing like a Chai tea latte with soy.

Photo 17-5-14 16 37 17.jpg

Last look for the show!

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Just us fooling around backstage heh

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Sleepy time with Maru that's exhausted from sleeping all day.

'Maru look here!' 'Go ahead and snap the damn photo and give me my food already!'

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Photo 19-5-14 14 58 27 (1).jpg

'Are you done taking the photo!' 'Er wait *snaps*'

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Best part of river safari was probably the monkeys that came up to me in hopes of stealing my phone. Other than that there's really nothing much to do..

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Falling into a tourist trap!

I only took about less than an hour for the whole river safari which wasn't exactly fun, so I headed over to the kiddy land in the zoo to feed the goats instead. It's been my favorite place in the zoo since I was a kid. The only place where you can actually interact with the animals other than looking at them behind glass or from a distance.

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Can't get enough of grilled food and mojito.

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Patriotic much bahaha

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Stopped reading this book because I really don't want to get to the end of it, I know something really sad is gonna happen and I just really hate that :(

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Can't stop annoying coco with 'You go Glen coco'

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Midday caffeine boost

Selfie with shooting for statement muse.

$1.50 Mac n cheese

Cuddle weather with ma baby

Aprรจs Five Fashion Launch Event, thanks for the invite!

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'Gimme a too cool for your pose'

Yummy juice cleanse booth

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Bel and bel Wine collection chilling

Photo 24-5-14 16 34 28.jpg

Baby girl Cherie x

Best hangover food while watching Modern family!

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Ermagud LSP.