Two weeks back, I got invited down to Pro Trim salon at 313 somerset to get my hair done and I couldn't be happier because my hair was definitely in need of some professional help. It was so dry that even after drowning them in hair conditional it was still impossible to comb through without pulling quite a bit of my hair off. My baby hair had a mind of it's own as well, every morning I got to first straighten my hair with a flat iron and after that use a curling iron to curl it which takes up so much time. Girls with naturally curly hair would get what i mean, it just such a chore.

Basically when i went down to protrim i was just expecting a simple treatment and get my hair dyed but I was so pleasantly surprised when I got there. The two gorgeous ladies that worked on my hair were Evan and Selyn, I told them my concern about my baby hair and they immediately suggested a treatment that not only straightens my hair but also keeps it from getting frizzy which was exactly what I needed. The photos above was taken earlier on which meant that even after 2 weeks the treatment is still keeping my hair smooth and frizz free! I'll definitely be doing an update about my hair again because I'm absolutely in love with it right now. Till then

#B1-35/36, 313 Orchard Road,
T: 6238 7027