Blogging from Hk right now, yes I'm guilty of skipping a week from school because it's killing me and honestly I've been having some sort of inspiration block so hopefully my mind will be flooded with exciting ideas at the end of this trip. The photos above are taken in Macau which we stayed in for a night and I'm glad for that. It was so boring probably because I'm not old enough to enter the casino and I'm more of a theme park/animal/street food person and there isn't much of either of any of em. But I did bump into a really nice gentleman that allow me to snap a few quick photos with this gorgeous Alaskan Malamute(?) I'm not exactly sure, correct me if I'm wrong haha!

If you're wondering where I got my white fuzzy pullover from it's from shopsassydream and you'll be seeing me in a lot more of them! Don't forget to enter 'Isabel10' to get 10% off total bill. Valid from now till end of 15 may!