Last week was probably the most stressed out I've been but I'm glad I got through it. And to managed the stress I'm kind of guilty of going on a shopping spree and getting way more things then I really should have. You know what they say, a girl can never have enough clothes. Anyway the moment i saw the cross back tank I knew I had to get it, lately I've been so obsessed with anything like that.


Leather skirt, denim jacket and tank top from shopsolitaryride.

I kind of went for the wardrobe staples with my picks because I realized that I actually don't have the most of the basics stuffs a wardrobe needs to which was really bad. I admit I'm more willing to pay for something that's more fancy rather than a plain tee but lately my encounters with the lack of basic staples is driving me crazy and I've definitely learnt my lessons.

More details on each outfits will be posted the next two days. If you like what you see don't forget to like em on their page book page.

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