For some reason a number of people are curious about the make up/skin care products I'm using. There's nothing special about it but I would just briefly go through some details and whether they are a Yay, Meh or Nay. Here goes.

Wonder Pore Freshener: Got it from Etude house when I was in korea, it's such a big bottle and I'm only half way done with it. I use it everyday after I wash my face before applying my moisturizer. (Yay)

Loreal Hydra Fresh: I got it recently after my previous face moisturizer was finished. I'm not very particular about brands but this one smells really good and doesn't feel too oily so I'm probably buy another tub after I finish this. (Yay)

Sephora Sculpting Disk: This is a 3in1 disk that comes with bronzer, matte loose power and highlighter. The bronzer is too light for me but the other two works fine. Considering that it's less than 30 bucks I'd say it's a steal. (Yay)

Hello Kitty Eyelash Container: It holds up to two sets of eyelashes and couple bottles of eyelash glue. Instead on losing my eyelashes when I take them off when I'm out, i keep them in this so I can reuse them a couple more times. From Daiso Jp. (Yay)

Biore Jelly Makeup Remover: Got this when I ran out of make up remover in Japan, not a big fan of it. Would be switching back to the water base make up remover by them too. It removes make up well but I don't like the oily feeling of it, but if you don't mind that then there won't be a problem. (Nay)

Em Cosmetics Chiaroscuro: I'm a huge fan of Michelle Phan and I absolutely love the idea of a bronzer on a stick rather than the regular powder ones. Thumbs up. (Yay)

EOS Lip Balm: I'm taking forever to finish this! My boyfriend got me this a long time ago and I'm not even close to finishing it. Definitely one of my favorite lip balms of all time. (Yay)

Ettusais Pore Care Serum: I use it on my nose and pimples after squeezing them, this really helps with closing the pores. (Yay)

Country & Stream Honey Roll-on: Not sure if this works because i don't use it often enough but i really should. It's important to keep your eyes area moisturizer especially if you apply concealer under your eyebags.(Meh)

Super Mineral 24 Foundation: I've always been using maybelline's foundation and I really love them, but it doesn't provide as much coverage as i hope it would like around my dark eye circles, but you pay for what you get. (Meh)

Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser: One of my favorite face wash I've ever tried. (Yay)

Em Cosmetics Passion Berries Matte Lipstick: I'm so crazy over this color right now and it's not dry at all compared to my NYX lipsticks. (Yay)

3 Concept Eyes Lipstick: I'm having my doubts on whether these are legit because I didn't got them directly from stylenanda.. It's pretty dry but the color is true to how to looks. (Nay)

Nyx Lipsticks(Nude, Summer Breeze, Perfect Red): Love the colors but hate how dry they make my lips! I'll probably be change all my lipsticks to Em Cosmetic's. (Meh)

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer: This was recommending from the shop assistants in Sephora, I kind of felt obligated to get it after trying it in several shades but i don't like how it feels on my skin, very thick and sticky. Wouldn't really recommend this.. (Nay)

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara: I'm sure anyone that tried this fell in love with it too. (Yay)

Em Cosmetics Waterliner: I'm actually using this for my waterline only but it works as a eyeliner too, I forgot to include the eyeliner I'm using from Maybelline. I think it's the only gel eyeliner they are selling. I've tried their liquid liners previous but feel that it's not as dark as the gel ones but the gel ones can be quite difficult to remove.

Etude House Brown Eyeshadow: This is what I use on my brows, I rmb it was only $3 from korea or something like that. Such a steal!


I not a make up guru or whatever, this is just my how I feel about the products. It might work better on different skin types so if you want to try it out just go ahead! I should go to bed now. Goodnight!