Hey guys, i'm back with my hawaii post. I didn't expect myself to take a almost 1 month break from my blog but i've just been very lazy since i got back from my holiday. To make up for the lost time, here's a suuuuuper long post with more than 100 photos of my trip to hawaii while i was in kona which was the country side of Hawaii! So basically we took a 7 hours flight to Tokyo and then transit from there which means another 7 hours to hawaii international airport and then another 40 mins plane ride to kona. I was super jet lagged when we were there, i was tired by like 7pm every night and would just fall asleep anywhere i could lean my head on. anyway over there at the airport we had to pick up our rental car. We got a mustang convertible  which i was so excited about but it was too hot for the top to be down so it was kind of a disappointment! We got to try traditional hawaiian food like 'Poi', 'klua pig', 'kava juice' etc, which was pretty awesome. Also we swan in the open sea, with wild dolphins(there were hundreds of them) and 1 manta rey because they are hard to spot in the day. Zipline across some 2000 feet waterfall with awesome view, para-sail over 500 feet of ocean, and sun set horse riding. It really hard to describe how amazing kona was, let the pictures do the talking :)

Will be back with my stay in hawaii honolulu & tokyo. Lots of love!