To be honest I've always been kind of afraid of the grass. Don't get me wrong i find the nature so beautiful but the thought of crawly creatures hiding under the beautiful grass patches creeps me out. The photographs are taken at a plot of land that have yet to be developed near R's place, I've been wanting to snap photos there for quite awhile, something about these trees just look so perfect but we never really went there because there was a 'no trespassing' sign. Today I thought that since no one was around as there it was drizzling, a little trespassing wouldn't hurt anyone so we walked in there and started snapping while i run and jump around like crazy haha.

One of the most common things I get from adults is that 'work hard now and have fun later'. When exactly is 'later' life is too short for that. I refuse to live by that quote, i believe that however old you are you should be free to dream and have fun. Work hard, play even harder.