Boy I wish I had more donuts before coming back to shitty over priced donuts. Did I mention that my best buy this trip is the unicorn iphone cover above that saved my phone from probably more than 10 drops so far. I also got a cup noodle costume for my boyfriend that i can't wait to take a photo of and some wigs for myself and Rachel so we can use it for our alter ego double life. Just kidding maybe not. We finally checked out akihabara which was filled sex shops that sells the weirdest things like pig nose girls videos. The cutest italian pup ever that i took multiple photos of was suppose to be my pup but due to some complication I couldn't get her after making a trip all the way to the shop. It was awkward for both me and the shop assistant because I couldn't control my tears when I found out I couldn't get her. That about sums this post up, okay bye!

bel xx

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