Boy am I glad to be back. Having to constantly drag myself out of bed early in the morning to a battle with the little hours of daylight I have each day, really taught me to appreciate our long hours of daylight. The sun starts setting around 3.30pm so I have to wake up at around 8 or 9am every morning. Quite the challenge for a night owl like me. I apologize for the messy orders the photos are in however you will be seeing a lot more of em soon :x I'm usually not a fan of ramen because my throat itches when i have it and I'll only be able to eat half a bowl of it before I give up. But this time round this particular ramen shop in harajuku had the best soup i've ever had. It was rich in flavor, creamy and didn't make a throat itch at all! Unfortunately i didn't take the address down urghh. I also visited various pet shop in search of raincoats for R's auntie's dogs and got to play with so many furry kids.


In case you're wondering why this am I blogging this early in the morning, it's not because I woke up early. Instead I just got back from zoukout which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for me but not because of the music.

Pink coat(get similar here), jeffrey campbell boots, H&m socks and dress.

bel xx

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