I decided to wear something girly on Tuesday so i dug out one of my favorite pullovers i got in japan h&m with a simple white skirt. And i also found a chocololipop i bought in seoul lotte world hahaha!

Doing jump shots in a skirt is probably the hardest thing ever, girls will know what i mean

My hair kind of looks like a mess as im still learning how to curl it properly myself, i've been practicing almost everyday!

R let me plan a date for us because he's always the one planning them and  since i'm so unorganized it was sort of a challenge for me. I was honestly kind of lost but i found a peperoni pizza outlet about 10 mins drive from my place and wanted to have a giant 21inch pizza but R said we couldn't :((((

Doing what  girl do best while waiting

We ended up getting half parma ham(my fav) and half peperoni and it was pretty yummy, it wasn't really enough for both of us but we were going for a movie so more room in my tummy for popcorn & nachos!

Pizza taste better when you're using your hands!

Pretty sunset!

 After watching iron man(i got us comfy elite seats hehe) we went t red dot at dempsey to have a drink with Celia the birthday girl. We didn't do much as everyone kind of wanted a chill night, everyone's gettin old..

Love my boo.