Feel free to email me at prettyfrowns@hotmail.com for any advert or modelling enquires. 

Welcome to Prettyfrowns. My personal diary of  lifestyle, fashion and travel.

I’m Isabel Tan, 18 years old. I've always loved taking photos since I was a kid, so when I got myself a camera I decided to start a blog that I could post all the photos I take so this is what I've been doing since then!



What camera am I using? 

I'm using Olympus Epl3/Canon 7D


How tall am I?

I'm 170cm/5"7


What's my weight? 

I'm about 48kg. 


What am I doing right now?

I'm currently studying in NAFA majoring in Graphic design. 


What do I use to edit my photos? 

Photoshop CS6